How To Publish A Book In India

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Writing a book might have been a long, arduous journey for you, but it is only the beginning. The main process starts now. Publishing. Don’t worry – we will make it easy for you.  Here is all what you need to do, in order to get your book published.

Editing: This remains the most underrated part of the writing/publishing process, but it plays a huge role from publisher’s point of view. Your story could be interesting, but the publishers won’t like it unless they find it ready-to-publish. That is where the editor’s role comes in. Some people confuse editing with proofreading, though, latter is a part of former but not entirely the same. An editor will work with you on every aspect, be it proofreading, language, style, story, and much more. If you are looking for an editor for your book, let us know. We will try to connect you with a suitable editor.

Synopsis: Before you approach a literary agent or a publishing house, spend a lot of time working on the synopsis. Many writers agree that writing a synopsis can sometimes be more challenging than writing the entire book. Because you don’t know what to keep and what to skip. A synopsis contains a brief idea of the book, chapters’ description and your pitch. Be careful with how you present your idea. This is what will determine the fate of your book. Once again, let us know, if you need help with synopsis.

Literary Agents: Once your manuscript is ready for publishing, you would want to approach a publishing house. Which is a little tricky. Most publishers, these days, don’t read the manuscripts they receive. It is understandable considering the fact that they receive hundreds of manuscripts every day and have only a handful of people to read them. Hence, they rely on literary agents. A literary agent is somebody who makes the job easier for publishing houses by selecting a few manuscripts and passing them on to the publishers. They don’t charge any fee, unless your work gets published, at which point they charge around 15% (this may vary) of your royalty.

Below is the list of top literary agents/agencies in India:

  1. Writers Side claims itself to be Asia’s leading literary agency. Founded by Kanishka Gupta, Writer’s Side has gained a tremendous reputation in the last few years. It publishes around 250 books every year, which tells about its reputation.


  1. Red Ink Literary Agency got its share of fame after they signed Amish for his famous Shiva Trilogy. The agency also provides its editorial services.


  1. Purple Folio is a literary agency headed by Urmila Dasgupta who has a good reputation in the publishing world.


  1. Siyahi was founded by Mita Kapur – another reputed name in the industry. They are very specific about literary fiction and mainly focus on non-fiction.


  1. Sherna Khambatta Literary Agency picks selective manuscripts from both India and overseas.


  1. Boxwallah Literary Agency was founded by Renuka Chatterjee who is perhaps one of the most experienced literary agent in India. They are not publishing children’s books, sci-fi, fantasy at the moment.


  1. Jacaranda is among the oldest literary agencies in India. The agents are based out of Singapore, but they still work on manuscripts from India.



Publishers: You should hope that any of the literary agents, mentioned above, pick your manuscript and represent it to the publishing houses. But, if they don’t, you still have some hope. Reach out to the publishers directly. Please note that there are greater chances for your manuscript to get noticed in case of a smaller publishing house than in case of a relatively larger one. Below is the list of publishing houses in India and their contact details:

Pan Macmillan India

Penguin India

Jaico Publishing House

Westland Publications (Now acquired by Amazon)

Aleph Book Company

Rupa Publications

Roli Books

Hachette India

Harper Collins 

Juggernaut Books

Leadstart Publishing

Fingerprint Publishing

Srishti Publishers

Petals Publishers

Half Baked Beans

Become Shakespeare


24by7 Publishing

Cinnamon Teal Publishing


Important: We understand that not only writing a book but having to wait for the publishing process can be an extremely exhausting task. Which is why, we are trying to help the talented writers by making the whole process simple and hassle-free. Click here to know more.

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