Writing Lesson 001 – Start With A Sentence

Writing? How to start? That’s the most common question one encounters in a writing class.

The answer, interestingly, lies in how we read. Do we read just the words? No. In that case, we would pause after every word. Do we read the paragraphs? No. Because then, we would not pause until the paragraph is completed.

So, how do we read? Well, we read sentences. Mostly. What does that mean? It means, we do pause with punctuations, but it’s the sentence that we always try to make sense of. Every sentence says something. With some music. And that is where we can begin.

Let’s try. Let me write a sentence.

A big city. (that’s the first thought came to my mind)

Er, isn’t it too short? Let me try again.

It is a big city.

Er, it does not sound too good either. So, I will try again.

It is such a big city that I don’t find any space.

Umm, a little better. But, I think I can make it better. How? The second part talks about my smallness, in a way. So, let me write that clearly.

It’s such a big city that I feel small.

I think it’s good now. But… what about music? Music is the life of prose. So, if we want to go a step further, we would have to work a little harder. By the way, you should not underestimate your brain. It works miraculously fast. While I am describing to you everything in a step by step manner, our brain is likely to have thought of a number of ideas by the time we end this sentence. Let’s give it a shot then.

Bigger a city, smaller I feel.

I feel good now. You should also try. I mean, right now.

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