Writing Lesson 002 – Organise Your Thoughts

In the previous post, we discussed how to write a sentence. I am sure you did a nice job there. Try writing a few one-liners and share with your friends.

Now, let’s move a step ahead. You must understand that writing is a process of organising your thoughts and laying them on paper in a meaningful manner. So, even though an idea is important, but equally important – or more important, I would say – is its execution on paper. It is the ease with which you transform your thoughts into writing will determine the quality of your writing. And believe me, that ease comes after a long time.

Allow me to illustrate this with an example. I will randomly gather thoughts in my head and write them down as they come.

People say – looks don’t matter. I am not sure about that. The other day, I fell for a person whom I did not know at all. It was our first encounter. I just looked at the person, and boom.. there was some kind of infatuation. When I think about it, I think looks do play a part. When you are with a good-looking person, it will be in your mind, no matter how much you ignore it. Is that a good thing? I am not sure about that. But, think of all the blind people. They never get to see anyone. So, the looks are not going to affect their opinion about anyone. Isn’t that a little helpful in a way?

I will leave it at that. Too many things. No problem. First, let me focus on the main point I eventually arrived at.

How blind people perceive others… which is not entirely based on looks and which is a good thing.

Of course, you could have focused on any other aspect in that train of thought. Which is completely fine. That is how human mind works. We are different, after all.

Coming back to the thought, I will try to write it in a more sophisticated way – something that seems crisper and clearer. A quick point: I don’t like the word blind. So, I am going to replace that. Also, a little bit of music or rhythm would be nice. Here we go.

Beautiful are those that cannot see, for they see the beauty that others cannot see.

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