Writing Lesson 004 – Transforming Your Idea Into Writing

So far, we have discussed how to write a sentence and use appropriate words. In this post, we will try to go one step ahead – and express our idea clearly.

Note that at this stage you do not have to worry how good your idea is. It does not matter. Just focus on clarity. And what do we need for that? The appropriate words strung together to form meaningful sentences and these sentences placed one after the other to clearly convey our idea to the reader. Let’s work on the strategy along with the examples.


Step 1: Write your thoughts on paper – do not leave out anything. They can be random too. But, at least create a rough picture.

Now, I am going to write some of my thoughts. As mentioned above, it’s all about putting everything out there on the sheet of paper.

Being alone is not too bad. Many people don’t realise this. I wonder, why? But think about it. Being with yourself. Finding happiness in your own company. Freedom. You don’t have to pretend. But it can be scary too. For one thing, our own thoughts can scare us. You need to come in terms with yourself in order to be comfortable with yourself. It’s more spiritual.


Step 2: Try to make sense out of your writing. Improve the structure. How? Figure out the central idea that you want to convey and work around that. Notice the subtle changes I am going to make now.

Solitude is a bliss. But, of course, not too many people understand it. Or perhaps, they understand and do not want to experience it. For it brings freedom and truth and fear – which means one needs to courage to experience it. If you overcome that fear, you’d probably find true liberation.


Step 3: The first two steps were for yourself. Do not worry how they look or sound. The message has to be clear to you – that’s all. Now, in the final step, we will consider reader’s perspective and make it crispier and clearer. Two things you need to keep in mind:

  1. Use appropriate words.
  2. Work on the grammar, if required.
  3. Adjust the sentences’ length according to how it sounds. Normally, it sounds well if you keep varying the sentence length. But that’s not a rule. Read out aloud a few times. That will help.

Solitude is a sheer bliss. Does that mean everyone seeks it? Certainly not. For solitude brings infinite freedom, and exposes one to the harsh truths, and thus, causes fear. It is this fear which not everyone is capable of overcoming. But… once overcome, one experiences the true liberation – which is like finding the god within oneself.

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