Ancient Greek

Around 800 BC, a rise of a civilisation took place in Greece. This rise would not only shape the country for the next several hundred years, but also define the very idea of western civilisation. It was the ancient Greece, from where the modern concept of states with governments and laws originated.

Athens and Sparta were the two mightiest of the states in the ancient Greece. The state of Sparta was founded in around 900 BC. Several developments took place in the years to come. For instance, in 776 BC, first Olympic games were held in Olympics. Greek people also began to set up their own colonies. In 508 BC, Democracy was first introduced in Athens, after which the entire civilisation reached its new heights. Art, philosophy, culture, religion – all grew simultaneously.

The Greek independence came to end after they were defeated by the Macedonians. Then we see the rise of Alexander the great. Eventually, around 146 BC, the entire Greece came under the Roman empire.


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