Mayans left their calendars among many other things, which happens to be the most discussed topic about this civilisation – but, there is more to it.

Mayans lived in Central America. The first date in the Mayan calendar is estimated to be around 3372 BC, however, it was only around 400 BC when their notable architecture such as pyramids or temples were built. Over the next few centuries, Mayans continued to grow and the civilisation reached its peak at around 700 AD. Chichen Itza – the most important Mayan city was governed by a council at that time.

The prosperity was soon followed by a decline, as people began to move to the highlands of Mexico and Guatemala. Also, Toltec people took over Chichen Itza. Interestingly, Mayan civilisation tried to revive itself in around 1250, and it succeeded, until 1440, when a rebellion against the rulers weakened the entire culture. In 1517, Spanish conquests of Maya lands began and thus civilisation came to an end.


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