The Nepoleonic Wars

In 1785, Nepoleon Bonaparte, at the age of 16, became an officer in the French army. In 1789, when the French revolution took place, he supported it, and in 1793, he played a significant role in defeating the anti-revolutionary forces. In 1795, he was called to Paris to defend the city against rebels, and in 1796, he was appointed the commander of the French army in Italy.

Then began a series of battles in which Nepoleon would play an important role in defeating the enemy. In 1798, he defeated Egyptians at the battle of the pyramids. After this battle, he came back to France and seized the power; he declared himself emperor of France in 1804. In the next year, his army defeats the Austrians and the Russians. In 1807, France seized control of Portugal.

The invasions did not stop there, and the French invaded Russia in 1812; however, this time, the winters gave an advantage to the Russians and the French were defeated. In Spain also, the French army had to suffer a defeat. After this point, Nepoleon was forced to be exiled, and was eventually defeated in the battle of Waterloo.


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