Soviet War in Afghanistan

Soviet-Afghan war had many significant outcomes. The instability in Afghanistan politics; the Mujahideen; the Al Qaeda; the Taliban; these all were in some ways related to the war that spanned around a decade starting in 1979.

Before the Soviet invasion, already there was turmoil in Afghanistan politics. After the 1978 coup, Afghanistan’s communist party had taken control of the power. But the party’s efforts in modernising the country were not aligned with country’s culture, particularly with the rural culture. In 1979, the Soviet government interfered and staged a coup, killing the then president of Afghanistan. But then began the insurgency…

USA, through its regional ally Pakistan, began to fund the rebels and supported their military operations against the Soviet. While on the one hand, the Soviet government had to deal with the civilians, on the other hand, there were a number of rebel groups. The Mujahideen, which mainly operated in the rural areas, troubled them with guerrilla wars.

Muslim countries such as Pakistan, planned to go after the atheist communists and sent many Afghan fighters through Pakistan’s north-west frontier. One such fighter was Osama Bin Laden, whose group would soon be called Al Qaeda. It was around 1990, when the Soviets finally decided to leave Afghanistan. This meant the end of the Soviet Union. But… did any peace prevail in Afghanistan? We all know the answer.


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