Philosophy – Aristotle

About Aristotle: Aristotle (384 BCE – 322 BCE), was an ancient Greek philosopher and one of the greatest intellectual figures of the western history. He was the author of a philosophical and scientific system that became the framework and vehicle for both Christian Scholasticism and medieval Islamic philosophy. Even after the intellectual revolutions of the Renaissance, the Reformation, and the Enlightenment, Aristotelian concepts remained embedded in Western thinking.

Watch the video below to understand the basics of Aristotle’s philosophy:

How to Read Aristotle:

Reading Aristotle can be a bit of a task. To a new reader, his writing may seem a bit dry, but it will appear far more interesting if one approaches it in the right way. Besides, there is a significant value in reading and absorbing his ideas, and the valuable ideas come with their own complexity. So, you may have to be a little patient.

  1. You may start with Plato, whose writing seems more comprehensible to most readers. Plato keeps pointing at Socrates and Aristotle, and through those references, you can develop sense of their ideas.
  2. Don’t simply read philosophy like a book, but try to think and reflect on the philosopher’s ideas constantly. Once you follow this approach and ask questions, the whole process becomes far more enjoyable.
  3. Some people prefer to read about the original works before they read them. In their case, reading some scholarly articles can be of help.
  4. Most readers start with Metaphysics, which is his most noted book but can be a bit too much for a beginner. Instead, Categories can be a better choice.
  5. After Categories, you can move to Metaphysics which is a vast work on the subject. It became a major branch of the philosophy.
  6. On The Soul is another interesting book which one can read and understand the bio-psychology and how Aristotle viewed it. This is more of a scientific perspective on the idea of soul than a spiritual one.
  7. Physics is an interesting book which itself became a subject of study. In this book, Aristotle discusses the order of the nature.
  8. Some of the other captivating works include Nicomachean Ethics, Poetics, Rhetoric, which can be read as per your interest in the subject.

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