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Understanding The Caste System In India

Here's how we can make sense of the caste system in India which prevails till this day.

Caste system is one aspect of Hinduism that has attracted a lot of criticism in the modern era. It is understandable too, as a large number of people are discriminated and treated unfairly because of such an arrangement. As societies move towards more egalitarian and meritocratic system, caste-system often acts as a barrier in such a movement. Although the system seems to be more of a cultural phenomenon, rather than a religious one, it still needs to be understood better in order to solve the problems it often leads to.

The video below will help you gain a deeper understanding of the issue:

Recommended Books:

The Essential Writings of BR Ambedkar

The Weave of My Life: A Dalit Woman’s Memoirs

Why I Am Not A Hindu

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