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Human knowledge is vast. It is as old as the earliest societies and will go as far as our civilisation is capable of. Our quest for knowledge is never-ending, which is why, Kalampedia exists.

The portal has five sections:

Collect and share knowledge from books – all the way from ancient texts to the modern developments in Science and Technology.

Life Hacks
Gather knowledge from the vast literature we have around us, and apply it in our everyday lives.

Current Affairs
Help our readers understand the context of major issues, conflicts and developments that we see around the world today.

Guide aspiring writers to explore and write on a variety of topics.

We invite prominent writers from diverse backgrounds to present their point of view to our readers.

Get Involved
Kalampedia is a non-profit initiative, meant for educational and informational purposes. Which means, we are dependent on our community to maintain the website and continue our work.
Therefore, any kind of help from our readers is highly appreciated. You can help us in any of the following ways:


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Thank you! Your presence here is what makes the dream of Kalampedia come true.

If you have more ideas, or wish to help us in any of the ways, please write to us at contactkalampedia@gmail.com