Epistemology in the literal sense means, Theory (Study) of knowledge.

If you think about it, knowledge is something we live for. Aristotle, in his book Metaphysics, says, “All men by nature desire to know.” After all, that is the underlying value of Kalampedia too. To know, to learn. But… stop for a moment, and ask yourself this question: what is knowledge? Is it same as information? Or is it just about knowing? Or maybe about believing? Epistemology enquires such questions and tries to make sense of knowledge itself.


Books on Epistemology:

Epistemology By Robert Audi

Knowledge Puzzles By Stephen Cade Hetherington

Theory of Knowledge By A. D. Woozley

Epistemology and Skepticism By George Chatalian


We will continue to discuss the subject and related books in the future posts.