What is Metaphysics? The question seems to be perplexing. Let’s start from the beginning.

The term Metaphysics comes from Greek ta meta ta phusika ‘the things after the Physics’, referring to the sequence of Aristotle’s works. Basically, Aristotle wrote Physics and then Metaphysics (although he did not write the title for this).

In his book An Introduction to philosophy, George Stuart Fullerton, an American philosopher and psychologist, writes, “Metaphysics is the core, the citadel of philosophy.”

Metaphysics deals with the first principles of things, such as being, knowing, existence and reality.

Books On Metaphysics:

If you are new to the subject, you can start with any of the following books:


Once you get acquainted with the idea, you can go on to read the philosophers, both modern and ancient.

Further Reading:

The two main branches of Metaphysics are: Cosmology (nature of universe) and Ontology (nature of being). We will study about them in detail.